A Brıef Hıstory of the Faculty

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History and General Information

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  1.1-Information about the Unit

Name of the University: Mus Alparslan University

Name of Faculty: Faculty of Education

Founding Date of the Faculty: 06/08/1995

Faculty Dean's Address: Mus Alparslan University Complex, 49250/MUŞ

Phone Number of the Faculty Dean: 0 436 249 14 04

Faculty Dean's Web Address:

1.1.1 -Contact Information



Dean Prof. Dr. Esin KAYA 0 436 249 14 00

Vice Dean Dr. Assistant Professor Ayça KARTAL 0 436 249 14 16

Vice Dean Dr. Assistant Professor Ahmet BATTAL 0 436 249 14 98

Faculty Secretary Ali ÇOBANLI 0 436 249 14 01


1.1.2-Historical Background

Faculty of Education was established first to serve under Fırat University in parallel to decree number 98/1462 dated 06/08/1995 of the Council of Ministers, based on supplementary Article 30 of Law Number 2809. Students were initially admitted for 2005-2006 academic year. Upon establishment of Muş Alpaslan University on May 29, 2007, Science Teaching and Pre-School Teaching Departments under the organization of our faculty were attached to our University.

As of 2018-2019 academic seasons, under the organization of our Faculty the departments below are active:

Departments with Students:


● Department of Mathematics and Science Education

o Department of Science Education

o Department of Mathematics Education

● Department of Basic Education,

o Department of Classroom Education

o Department of Preschool Education

● Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education

o Department of Turkish Education

o Department of Social Studies Education,

● Educational Sciences Department,

o Psychological Counseling and Guidance

● Department of Foreign Language Education,

o Department of English Language Education



 Departments without Students:


● Department of Foreign Language Education,

o Department of Arabic Language Education

● Department of Special Education,

o Department of Gifted Education

● Educational Sciences Department,

o The Philosophical, Social and Historical Foundations of Education

o Department of Measurement and Evaluation in Education

o Curriculum and Instruction in Education

o Department of Education Administration

o Department of Life-Long Learning and Adult Education

o Department of Instructional Technologies

● Fine Arts Education Department



Our Faculty is providing education-training services to 1,263 undergraduate and 403 pedagogic formation students by employing 91 academic and 6 administrative personnel and 4 permanents workers. Services are being provided within premises of our university at 78 staff offices, 3 meeting rooms, 32 classrooms, 7 workshops (Puppet/Karagöz Construction-Performance, 3B Printer and Robotics Workshop, Wooden Toys Workshop, STEM Workshop, Science and Technology Application Workshop, Material Development and Application Workshop, Drama and Music Workshop), 2 laboratories (Computer Laboratory for 40-person, General Physics Laboratory) and other independent activity areas.


Table 1. Number of academic, administrative staff and students in the Faculty of Education

Academic Staff



TITLE                                                                                                                   2021

Professor                                                                                                               3

Associate Professor                                                                                                         6

Assistant Professor                                                                                              48

Lecturer                                                                                                                5

Research Assistant                                                                                               28


TOTAL                                                                                                                90


Education Services


Number of Students (2021)

Name of the Unit             I. Teaching             II. Teaching          Total              Grand Total


G        B       Total                G         B        Total     Girl                Boy


Faculty of Education      821 582 1403 0 0 0 821 582 1403

TOTAL 821 582 1403 0 0 0 821 582 1403


Student Quotas


Student Quotas and Occupancy Rate (2018)



Student Selection Examination (ÖSS)


Name of the Unit

Faculty of Education 

Quota     407                     Placed   384

Total      407                                    384


Solidity ratio   23 94.35%




Number and Departments of International Students (2018)





Social Studies Education                           Girl    0                           Boy 2 Total 2


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